HBDMB Spring Saturdays -- starting Saturday 3/20 from 10am -- 1pm at HHS !!!

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Congratulations to the New BPAH Board!


Executive Board:

Matt Stanley -- President

Rob Conte -- Vice President & Color Guard Liaison

Kim Gooding -- Co-Treasurer

Donna Kye -- Co-Treasurer

Ivy Soric -- Recording Secretary 

Dominique Stanley -- Corresponding Secretary / List Keeper, Band News


Members at Large :

Pete Simon -- Head Roadie

Adam Levine -- Assistant Head Roadie

Anne Marie Walsh -- Co-Head Chaperone

Raffaella Rombaldi -- Co-Head Chaperone

Jen Spina -- Sign Up / Volunteer Coord / Facebook Admin

Arienne Lima -- Co-Fundraising Chair 

Erin Hannigan  -- Co-Fundraising Chair

Arienne Lima -- Co-Bake Sale Chair

vacant -- Co-Bake Sale Chair

Nancy Levine -- Merchandise Chair

Jennifer Lewis -- Asst. Merchandise Chair

vacant -- Public Relations

Jen Simon -- Finley Liaison

John Tierney -- Historian / Archivist

Neven Soric -- Website Administrator

Tom Holly -- Member at Large

Leslie Kilgour -- Member at Large

Tracy Tucker -- Member at Large / DC Parade Liaison

Gregg Geller -- Member at Large

Chris Flewelling -- Member at Large

Jim Amend -- Member at Large

Sima Ali -- Member at Large

Jennifer LaVertu -- Uniform Coordinator

Karen Wong -- Asst. Uniform Coordinator


BPAH Board 2020-2021.pdf
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HBDMB 2020 Summer Save The Dates
Trainig Camp, Band Camp
HBDMB 2020 Summer Save The Dates.pdf
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HBDMB Summer Schedule
HBDMB Summer Schedule 2020.pdf
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