What Parents Need to Know for Competition Weekends

1.     The day of a competition, you will need to drop your child (with their FULL uniform) at HHS at the pre-determined time (from the Tuesday packet).  The band members usually show up in “half uniform” and will carry their uniforms onto the bus to the competition.  Again, specific weekly instructions will be in the Tuesday packet.

a.      This means complete uniforms (uniforms, shoes, gloves, hats, etc) need to come with them.  Uniforms should be hung up in the garment bags, shoes in the garment bag, hats in the hat box.  Fold the garment bag in half and stow the hat box in the crease of the bag. Both the Garment bag and the hat box should have your child’s name on them. Make sure to use a solid hanger with a swivel hook instead of the wire hanger.

b.     Also send a water bottle and CASH with your student (after the competition, the students will be able to purchase food and drinks while they wait until the awards are announced).


2.     In the Tuesday packet we will receive the rundown of the weekend’s competition.  Parents do not need to attend the FULL day of competition.  You can go to check out the competition, but it’s really up to you.

a.      Find out what time they perform and show up about 20 minutes ahead of time.

b.     Look for the Huntington Blue Devils parent group.  We try to sit together as a cheering squad.

·  NOTE:  After the band enters in the block, the Drum Majors will call the band to attention.  The band shouts “BLUE” and the BPAH parents yell “DEVILS”.  You will get the hang of it.  The Band can hear the cheers, so it is important to let them know we are there!

c.      Once they perform, they do their de-briefing and then seek out their parents for cash and congratulations.  That will be the last time you see them until their estimated return time to the school in the Tuesday packet.

d.     So you are free to do whatever you want until pick-up. Stay for the judges’ announcements until after the all the schools compete, run errands, go out to dinner.


3.     Plan to be at pick up a bit ahead of time.  Park in the side parking lot.  When the buses arrive, everyone honks their car horns as a proud GREETING.  It’s fun, they hear it, and it creates a huge band family unity!


If you have any questions, please reach out to any of us.  This is going to be an exciting season and we want everyone to be as excited as the band!