Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What does HBDMB stand for? 

A: Huntington Blue Devil Marching Band


Q: What is included in the registration fee?

A: Band uniform rental, tour shirt, bus transportation to/from all competitions, and hotel stay in Syracuse


Q: When is Training Camp?

A: Mini Camp is Monday, August 14-Thursday, August 17th, 2022

Q: When is Band Camp?

A: Band Camp is Monday, August 21-Sunday, August 27th, 2022


Q: What is Training Camp and how is it different from Band Camp?

A: Training Camp attendance is strongly encouraged but is not mandatory. Training Camp does help students acclimate to the hard work that awaits them the following week during Band Camp. Attendance at Band Camp is mandatory.


Training Camp and Band Camp are both important because this is when the majority of the show is learned, focusing on drill (marching) and music techniques. Throughout the season we refine the show enhancing what was learned at both summer camps.


Q: Where do Training Camp and Band Camp happen?

A: This year, both camps will be held at Finley Middle School


Q: What is the time commitment for the parent and student?

A:    HBDMB rehearsals start in June and take place on Monday evenings in June, and a mix of Monday and Tuesday evenings in July. 


In August, during Training Camp and Band Camp parents must ensure students have a means of transportation to and from the High School. You will receive a detailed calendar with drop-off and pick-up times.


In September and October (the season):

Parents must ensure students have a means of transportation to the High School for all scheduled rehearsals, competitions, and half-time shows. Drop-offs and pick-ups for parades vary by parade. Parents can drop-off and pick-up students or arrange for a carpool.


Students attend rehearsals during the season on Tuesday and Thursday (occasional Wednesday) evenings at HHS. There are also weekend rehearsals and competitions are predominantly on Sundays. Attendance at rehearsals and competitions is mandatory, but with rehearsals in the evening it allows students to go home after school and take care of schoolwork.


Throughout the year, parents are encouraged to attend one evening Band Parent meeting each month. Parents, friends, and family are welcome to cheer-on the band at competitions. Toward the end of the season, as the weather turns cold and the season draws to an end, parents are invited to sit in the stands during the last half hour of rehearsals to watch final run-throughs of the show.  There are also many and varied volunteer opportunities throughout the year where parents can donate their time.


Q: Is my child's attendance/participation really required at every competition?

A: Yes, every single member plays a key role in the success of the HBDMB.


Q: How are students able to balance their schoolwork and Marching Band?

A: Every child is different, but many children find the rehearsal and competition schedule invigorating, in part because they’re going through it with their friends. The timing of rehearsals also helps since students can go home and tackle homework or chores and eat dinner before heading back to the HS. The atmosphere in the HBDMB encourages comradery both on and off the field which helps students at all grade levels feel they have a strong peer support system at school.


Q: Can a student participate in a fall sport and also participate in Marching Band?  What happens if there are scheduling conflicts? 

A:  Yes, arrangements must be made with the Band Director and the Coach. 


Q: Other than band uniforms and instruments, are there any clothing or equipment requirements?

A: The students are required to have tour shirts that they wear during competitions under uniform and on Fridays before competition.  One tour shirt is included in the overall HBDMB Payment. Purchasing a second tour shirt is suggested, but not mandatory. They are also required to have black socks.


Q: If a student has a health issue and is required to carry medications with him/her, is that permissible?  If not, who dispenses medication while a student is participating in a marching band activity?

A: The HBDMB has staff designated to regulate the care for these circumstances. Either a HBDMB staff member or the lead Chaperone will be in charge of medications.


Q: I’ve heard the kids get hot and thirsty during Band Camp and rehearsals.  What is the water break policy?

A: We give frequent water breaks. Students are required to bring water bottles and our band parents come around and keep water jugs filled with ice water all throughout Training and Band Camps. On the weekends during the fall season, students are required to bring their own water.


Q: On summer/early fall days, it must get pretty hot inside that uniform; do band members wear them the entire day when competing or performing?

A: Band members wear their tour shirts under their uniforms.  Before and after competitions, band members are in “half uniform” meaning without the coats.


Q: On late fall days, it must get pretty cold standing around in just that uniform; can band members wear extra layers underneath when competing or performing?

A: Many of our students wear thermals or Under Armor-type clothing (leggings) under their tour shirts and uniforms to stay warm.


Q: What kind of supervision is provided for the band when competing or performing?

A: For each competition we have parents who chaperone our students on the way to the performances on the bus, and throughout the competition day.


Q: What is the BPAH and what do they do?

A: Band Parents of Huntington (BPAH) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to partnering with the Huntington High School Band staff to support the improvement of music education. The BPAH fundraises to assist the Band with equipment, uniforms, and other items that add up to thousands of dollars beyond what the school district can provide. BPAH Membership is FREE and open to all parents involved in the Huntington High School (HHS) music program, including parents of students participating in the award-winning Huntington High School Blue Devil Marching Band, Color Guard, as well as alumni and residents of the Huntington School District who are interested in supporting the band. 


Q: As a parent, is it mandatory to be involved in BPAH or in any Marching Band activities?

A: No, however we really appreciate and need all the help we can get!  While not mandatory, parent participation is vital to the success of the band.


Q: I’m a parent who likes to get involved, but I don’t want to crowd my kid; how can I help out with the HBDMB? 

A: Starting with Band Camp in August, parents volunteer to hand out cold treats at the end of the day, sponsor a pizza lunch, and host a Parent Show celebration at the culmination of camp.  Parent chaperones walk alongside the band as a buffer during parades and are responsible adults providing behind the scenes support during competitions, including the three day trip to Syracuse for the NYS Field Band Competition.  We also hold a variety of fundraising events throughout the year including summer car washes, bake sales and band merchandise sales at all Band Concerts held at the High School.  We help out with Band Fest and we hold periodic signature fundraising events such as our Pancake Breakfast.  Every other year, it’s all hands on deck as we host a day long “Home Show” Competition at the High School. Next Home Show will be in Fall 2024.


Q: How do I stay informed about the HBDMB, competitions, and upcoming events?

We have a Band Parent run website: www.bandparentsofhuntington.net for our parent organization and an HBDMB text remind for our HBDMB students and band parents. Please visit the website and subscribe to both text reminds!


To subscribe to the Band Parent REMIND System for text alerts…text @bpah23 to 81010

Facebook HBDMB group name: Huntington HS Blue Devil Marching Band

ParentSquare: HBDMB announcements from Director Andre Rizzuto


Who’s Who this Season?


Drum Major

Lily Wasoski

Jack Semelsberger

Kayla Murillo


Brass Captain

Dana Saramago


Winds Captain

Eli Soric


Color Guard Captain:

Diana Diaz Portillo

Deanna Elvir

Toni Reyes- Sorto


Flute Section Leader:

Jayden Feliciano

Donna Lazo


Clarinet Section Leader:

Charlie Michaelian

Felicity George


Alto Sax Section Leader:

Abby Schueller

Natalie Parrott


Trumpet Section Leader:

Megan Lewis

Jayden Hoff Isabelle


Mellophone Section leader:

Aidan Geller


Pit Section Leader:

Katherine Estrada

Sonia Acevedo


LB/LW Section Leader:

Eli Soric


Battery Section Leader:

Ben Edgar McNerney




Ivy Soric                Co-President

Jen Simon             Co-President

Janeen Wasoski   Vice President

Arienne Lima        Co-Treasurer

Jim Amend           Co-Treasurer

Jen Heinz              Recording Secretary

Dori Herman        Corresponding Secretary



Roadies: A volunteer group of approximately 10-15 band parents who travel to all competitions and parades.  Roadies assist with the packing, unpacking and transportation of instruments and equipment needed for each competition and parade. This includes accompanying these items to the field and back for each performance.  A commitment to attend a majority of the Fall performances is requested.


Chaperones: A volunteer group of approximately 10 band parents who assist the Band Director and band staff on competition days in supervising the students from the time they board a bus at school until they return to school; also assist during all parades. Chaperoning for Syracuse requires previous chaperoning of 3 competitions.